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Gas Leak Sparks Fire During Langar Preparation in Shimla Temple, Worker Injured

Shimla, April 11: In an unfortunate incident during the Navratri festivities, a fire broke out in a temple during the preparation of langar on Friday evening. The incident occurred due to a gas leak from a cylinder, causing panic and chaos in the vicinity. The mishap took place in the Durga Temple located in the suburb of Samarhill in the state capital.

According to fire officials, the fire erupted while food was being prepared for the langar in a store near the temple premises. A worker sustained minor injuries as a result of the sudden outbreak of flames triggered by the gas leak. Firefighters managed to control the blaze after rigorous efforts, preventing a major catastrophe.

Had the fire not been brought under control in time, it could have engulfed the entire Samarhill market, which also houses the campus of Himachal Pradesh University. Prompt action by the firefighting team averted a potential disaster.

The incident led to the closure of nearby shops as a precautionary measure, with onlookers vacating the area. Fire brigade vehicles from Baluganj fire station rushed to the spot immediately upon receiving the alert. Additional firefighting units were also summoned from Mall Road and Chhota Shimla to assist in the operation.

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