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BJP-supported BDC Member Manjeet Joins Congress, Expresses Faith in CM Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu’s Policies

In a significant political development, Manjeet Kumar, a BJP-supported member of the Block Development Council (BDC) from Ward No. 8, Jaladi-Chilyan, Naundun, has switched allegiance to the Congress party. Manjeet, who secured victory in the previous elections with 367 votes, bid farewell to the BJP, expressing admiration for Chief Minister Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu’s policies and the government’s achievements during its 15-month tenure.

Chief Minister Sukhu facilitated Manjeet’s induction into the Congress party, underscoring the latter’s dedication and commitment to serving the public. Despite his victory as a BJP-backed candidate, Manjeet felt marginalized within the party and believed that he did not receive the respect he deserved.

During Manjeet’s joining ceremony, attended by Jaladi’s head Jagmohan Dogra Mani and former president of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, Amit Sharma, he reassured Chief Minister Sukhu of his unwavering loyalty to the Congress party. He pledged to fulfill any responsibilities entrusted to him as a Congress member with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Chief Minister Sukhu expressed confidence that Manjeet’s transition from the BJP to the Congress would be met with due respect and appreciation. He encouraged Manjeet to actively engage in disseminating the government’s initiatives and play a crucial role in the development of his ward.

Highlighting the Congress government’s commitment to serving the people, Chief Minister Sukhu emphasized its efforts to ensure that the benefits of various government schemes reach every individual, especially those at the grassroots level.

Manjeet’s decision to join the Congress underscores the evolving political landscape in Himachal Pradesh and the significance of aligning with parties that resonate with one’s principles and aspirations.

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