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Foreign countries to rope in Indian healthcare workers to tackle staff shortage


‘Bikham Academia’, a top-notch education wing for nurses, to send Indian healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, to various countries across globe

Mohali, May 12

Healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff, who wish to work and settle in foreign countries, now have a golden opportunity with ‘Bikham Academia,’ a top-notch education wing of BIKHAM GROUP for healthcare staffing.

As part of Bikham Academia’s commitment to further strengthen its hold on the healthcare industry, the education wing offers aspiring healthcare professionals a pathway to join the health systems of various countries.

While speaking on the occasion, BIKHAM GROUP’S CEO, Mr. Harman Dhawan, said, “Many countries are facing a critical shortage of healthcare professionals, with health systems overburdened, and care getting affected, there is a shortage of doctors, nurses, and care assistants. Because of the English language upside of the Indian educational system, Indian healthcare workers are preferred, due to which their demand is growing across the globe.”

“With 15 years of expertise in the healthcare business, we have developed excellent tie-ups and a robust network of health systems having affiliations with National Health Services (NHS) UNITED KINGDOM and other healthcare recruitment agencies around the globe. We also ensure that the spouses and dependents of the candidates can migrate and settle along with the primary candidate”, Dhawan said, adding that the education centre will also provide end-to-end solutions and place its candidates in government and private jobs.

Currently, countries are offering many benefits to international healthcare staff, like free flights, paid accommodation upon arrival, and reimbursement for tests like OET and OSCE. Another positive thing to note is that the spouses and dependents can go with the applicant and are allowed to work there.

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