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Dispute Escalates Between Microtek Company and Employees in Parwanoo

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A growing dispute between Microtek, a company in Parwanoo, and its employees is causing tension. On Monday, the employees were prevented from entering the company premises, with around 150 employees gathered outside the gates. It has been reported that the company has also transferred several employees as part of the ongoing issues. Meanwhile, the company is preparing to consolidate its operations from this location.

On the previous Saturday, the company had also barred employees from entering the premises, leading some employees to file a complaint at the Parwanoo police station. Allegations suggest that some employees are being pressured to handle responsibilities 300 kilometers away against their will. Om Dutt Sharma, the Deputy Chairman of CITU, has accused the company of arbitrary actions. Additionally, Labor Inspector Lalit Thakur has called for a meeting with both parties on September 19th.

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