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Congress Leaders in Himachal Pradesh Assert Strength and Unity Ahead of Elections

Shimla, April 19: Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhoo has stated that the Congress government in the state is stable and strong and will complete its full five-year term. He mentioned that those conspiring to undermine democracy for money will soon be behind bars. He expressed confidence that the Congress will emerge victorious in all by-elections, including the Mandi parliamentary seat.

Addressing a meeting of leaders from the Mandi parliamentary constituency at the Pradesh Congress headquarters, Rajiv Bhavan, today, Sukhoo said that the Congress has always faced challenges head-on and emerged victorious. He criticized six legislators for selling their conscience for money, stating that the people of the state will never forgive them.

The Chief Minister highlighted several significant decisions taken by his government during its 15-month tenure, including the reinstatement of old-age pensions for employees and a guaranteed minimum income of Rs 1500 for women. Despite the state’s dire economic situation, the government provided full assistance to those affected by disasters, especially in the Mandi district, which was most affected.

Sukhoo accused the BJP of attempting to undermine democracy in the state and stealing a Rajya Sabha seat from the Congress under a conspiracy. He affirmed that the people of Himachal Pradesh will respond to the BJP’s defeat on all four Lok Sabha seats with a resounding victory.

Sukhoo introduced Vikramaditya, a competent and experienced young leader, as the Congress candidate from the Mandi parliamentary constituency. He expressed confidence that Vikramaditya would secure a victory based on record votes. He urged party leaders, officials, and workers to unite in campaigning for the elections and highlighted the government’s achievements over the past 15 months.

Sanjay Dutt, Secretary of the All India Congress Committee and in-charge of the Mandi parliamentary constituency, called on party officials to work vigorously at the grassroots level. He criticized the BJP for failing to address inflation, unemployment, and women’s atrocities during its ten-year tenure.

Former Minister Thakur Kaul Singh addressed the meeting, stating that the Congress is fully strong in the state and will win by a large margin in the Mandi parliamentary seat. He praised the significant contributions of Congress leaders to the state’s development and called for unity among party officials.

Congress President and Member of Parliament Pratibha Singh thanked all the leaders present at the meeting, praising the party’s decision to field an experienced young leader from the Mandi parliamentary constituency. She urged party officials to work together as they did during her by-election campaign. She emphasized that a resounding victory on all four seats in the state would send a significant message to the country and serve to uphold democracy and deliver justice to the people.

Leaders including Prakash Chaudhary, Sundar Thakur, Rangila Ram Rao, Nand Lal, Jagat Singh Negi, and Chandrasekhar also addressed the meeting, urging all party officials to come together and campaign vigorously for the elections.

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