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57 trainees & trainers awarded under Dalit Class Vocational Training Scheme

Chamba, Oct 22 Bureau –

57 women trainees and trainers under the computer application and sewing and harvesting business under the Dalit Class Vocational Training Scheme were awarded by Jai Singh, vice-president of the State Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation here today.

During the program, Singh said that through the state and central government, several schemes and programs have been started for the upliftment of people belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes. Eligible people must avail of benefits by joining these schemes and programs.

Giving information under the self-employment scheme being implemented through the corporation and the education loan scheme, he informed that under the self-employment scheme, the corporation has given projects worth Rs fifty thousand to the poor families of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. To get started, loans are provided through the bank. There is also a provision to provide a capital grant of ten thousand rupees under this scheme.

Giving information related to the education loan scheme, he said that after matriculation, the loan amount of up to 75000 thousand is made available to youth and youth belonging to scheduled castes and tribes to study in technical subjects and business. He also said that loans are provided through the corporation at the rate of 4 percent annual interest on the amount of 75000 thousand to 150000 rupees. Through this scheme, apart from various diploma and degree courses, MBBS, MBA, Hotel Management and Nursing are included. On this occasion, District Manager Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation, Man Singh Jaryal, trainees and trainers of Panella, Mugla and Jhulada Vocational Training Centers were also present.


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