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BJP Honors Women, Congress Betrays: Sukhram Chaudhary

Sirmaur/Solan – Bharatiya Janata Party’s parliamentary area in-charge and former minister Sukhram Chaudhary stated that Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri attempted to mislead the people of the state in the Khalakyaar area of Renuka Vidhan Sabha constituency. He said that the BJP does not know how to honor women, but the Congress government has been in power in the state for more than 15 months.

During the assembly elections, the Congress party promised in its first guarantee that all women aged 18 to 60 would be given Rs 1500 per month. All government workers went door-to-door, filled out forms, made missed calls, and their workers said that as soon as the government is formed, without any conditions, this pension will start in December. But 15 months have passed since the Congress government was formed, they have presented two budgets, but there was no mention of the Women’s Dignity Fund in both budgets.

Sukhram Chaudhary said that with the Lok Sabha elections approaching, Congress workers are afraid, and in their panic, this government has come. The Chief Minister of the state said in a press conference that they would give the Women’s Dignity Fund and put 13 conditions in it. No one has received a pension; they are not getting the money. He said, why did it take Congress 15 months? Himachal Pradesh’s women power wants to ask them before making this announcement.

Congress insulted women’s power even during the assembly elections and are now trying to deceive women’s power again as the Lok Sabha elections approach. Himachal Pradesh’s women power will not fall for their deceit; Congress will get a strong answer in the Lok Sabha elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party does not just say, it does. The provision has been made to provide pensions to all senior citizens aged 80 to 60 years for the last 80 years, a 20-year exemption has been given. BJP did not make any announcements, did not give any guarantees. Our work is to serve the people of the state.

He appealed to the state government, saying, “Do not try to deceive the women of Himachal Pradesh now, do not make such statements. Do not ask for forgiveness from the women power of Himachal Pradesh, which promised, but could not fulfill.”

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