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BJP Exerts Pressure on Independent MLAs in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, April 25 – The Minister of Horticulture and Revenue, Jagat Singh Negi, stated that there is significant pressure from the BJP on the three independent MLAs in the state. Due to this pressure, he has submitted his resignation letter to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. His resignation letter is currently pending with the Speaker.

Negi emphasized that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has the authority to thoroughly examine any resignation letter to determine whether it has been given voluntarily or under duress. He also stated that the Speaker has the full right to accept or reject such resignations.

Addressing a press conference today at the Pradesh Congress Office, Rajiv Bhawan, Negi highlighted that the manner in which the central BJP government provided security to the independent MLAs indicates pressure on them. He expressed concern over the situation where independent MLAs have submitted their resignation letters and are awaiting a decision from the Speaker, while simultaneously joining the BJP.

Negi has now challenged the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, stating that independent MLAs cannot join any other party and should also be declared ineligible. He accused the BJP of undermining democracy in the state and condemned their attempts to destabilize the Congress government.

Meanwhile, Harish Janartha, the MLA from Shimla Urban, revealed that he has filed a petition in the High Court of the state, requesting that the independent MLAs’ petition be heard before any decision is made. He emphasized that these MLAs want their resignation letters, given under pressure, to be presented before the court with all the facts.

Janartha criticized the BJP for its tactics to destabilize the Congress government in the state, calling it a condemnable attempt to murder democracy. He asserted that Congress would expose BJP’s conspiracy in these elections.

Negi further stated that the BJP is rattled by Congress’s promises of justice and 25 guarantees. He accused the BJP of disrespecting public opinion by attempting to subvert democracy. He also pointed out various issues like inflation, unemployment, women’s safety, and national security, highlighting that the Congress government in the state has fulfilled its five guarantees, especially the guarantee of Rs 1500 to OPS and women.

Negi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not paying attention to the state during disasters. He mentioned that during the Lok Sabha elections, Modi made promises to the people of the state, especially to apple growers, which he did not fulfill. He emphasized that the Congress government in the state is fully committed to the welfare of apple growers and farmers.

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