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27 Medicines Samples Made in State Failed

Shimla, Jan 18 – 27 medicines of Himachal, including 5 medicines made in Maiden Pharma located in Manpura, Baddi, have not been found correct in the drug alert of January. The department has issued a notice to Maiden Pharma. It was reported that 60 children died in the South African country Gambia after drinking cough medicine made in the Sonipat branch of the same company. Toxic substances diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol were found in cough syrup manufactured by a subsidiary of Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited in Sonipat.

The subsidiary company of this company is also in Manpura. The drug department had taken five different samples of a medicine of this company. All five samples have not met the standards. There is no shortage in the medicine in all the five samples, but they have failed due to less amount of content. The samples of the drugs were sent for testing for propylene glycol. The report confirmed that no harmful substance was found in these samples, but declared the samples substandard for several other reasons

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