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Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan Delivers Lecture on Art of Living  Happy Life at APG Shimla University

Shimla, May 7: From birth to death, human life is marked by numerous struggles. Some live their lives to the fullest, while others merely exist. Some endure life’s challenges, while for some, life passes by unnoticed. Each person’s approach to life differs, leaving one to ponder: how should one live life? Life’s equation isn’t always straightforward and often requires effort to solve.

On Tuesday, a lecture on the art of living a correct and happy life was delivered by Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan from the Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Panipat, Haryana, at the auditorium of APG Shimla University.

Prior to the lecture, Chancellor Engineer Suman Vikrant, Pro-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ramesh Chauhan, Registrar Dr. Ankit Thakur, and Dean Academics Prof. Dr. Anand Mohan Sharma welcomed Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan with a floral bouquet.

Before Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan’s discourse, former Vice-Chancellor, now Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ramesh Chauhan expressed gratitude for his presence at APG University and acknowledged his contribution in imparting spiritual knowledge to students and faculty members. He highlighted the importance of integrating spiritual knowledge with karma and vidya (action and knowledge) for success, happiness, good health, and a life free from negativity.

Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan instructed students and faculty members on various principles for leading a happy and content life. He outlined seven key principles for a successful life. He emphasized that life is like a race, where only through goodwill, positive thinking, and a positive perspective can we bring happiness to one another. In the pursuit of material progress, people often lose their happiness because true happiness depends on the state of mind.

He stressed that in the modern race for advancement, people have become slaves to their senses, depending on material possessions. Instead, they should strive to become masters of their possessions. Only then can they move towards spiritual happiness, which is also the miracle of spirituality. This can only be achieved by focusing on pure intentions, maintaining a positive outlook, and ensuring purity of mind, body, and diet.

He explained that in today’s fast-paced world, people have turned away from their spiritual essence, leading to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The main cause of conflicts between nations in the world today is the same. He emphasized that through the teachings of positive scriptures, negative thoughts can be eliminated, and positive behavior will manifest positive results in life.

He urged all students and faculty members to practice spiritual yoga for maintaining their own and others’ happiness and peace. He stressed that resolving to uplift one’s own soul and keeping a calm and stable mind in adverse situations is essential. Rather than returning negativity for negativity, one should respond with prayers and soothe the wounds of negativity with the balm of prayer. He highlighted that the meeting of the soul with the Supreme Soul is spiritual yoga, and for this, one must cultivate pure habits and maintain mental and physical purity.

He concluded by urging everyone to adopt such virtues in today’s age of turmoil, as humanity needs to embrace these qualities. At the end of the program, Dean Academics Prof. Dr. Anand Mohan thanked Spiritual Guru Bharat Bhushan for his inspiring discourse, which conveyed a message of living a perpetually happy life through uplifting thoughts, good conduct, and virtues, much needed in today’s turbulent world.

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