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Shoolini University hosts Hamirpur Principals’ conclave-2024

Reinventing education through research and innovation: Chancellor Prof. P.K. Khosla
Shoolini University, successfully organised the Hamirpur Principals’ Conclave at Hotel Hamir on 8th June 2024. The event saw the participation of around 33 principals from leading educational institutions.
Among the distinguished attendees were Prof. R.C. Lakhanpal, Founder and Director of Him Academy, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to education; Dr. Rajneesh Kanwar, Founder Principal of Pradesh Public International School of Sciences; and Er. Vikas Dixit, Director of Blue Star.
The participating principals were honored with the Shiksha Bhushan Awards for their unwavering commitment to the education sector.
Shoolini University Chancellor Prof. P.K. Khosla of Shoolini University highlighted the institution’s journey, emphasising that innovation and hard work can be achieved by anyone willing to think outside the box.
The conclave began with a warm welcome from Ms. Shikha Sood, Director of Outreach at Shoolini University. This was followed by an engaging session led by Ms. Payal Khanna, Deputy Director and Head of the Centre for Leadership Coaching, who shared the Shoolini Story. Her interactive session resonated strongly with the audience.
Dr. Lokender Kumar, Associate Professor in the School of Biotechnology at Shoolini University, conducted a session on fostering research in schools. He discussed the international importance of research and its impact on the global education landscape, emphasizing that research can be initiated at the school level with proper mentorship and guidance. He also elaborated on his favorite topic, Bloom’s Taxonomy.
The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Leela Dhar, who was recognised as the backbone behind the successful execution of the conclave.
This conclave reflects Shoolini University’s ongoing commitment to excellence in education and its innovative approach to research and development in the academic sector.

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