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Shoolini celebrates courageous women writers at inaugural Pallavi Sarswatula Memorial Award

Solan, March 28
Shoolini University’s literature festival concluded its latest chapter with a tribute to courage and resilience as it unveiled the winners of the first-ever Pallavi Sarswatula Memorial Award.
This distinguished accolade honours the memory of Pallavi Sarswatula, a young woman whose strong spirit touched many lives before her untimely passing due to cancer, just two months after she attended the festival stage in March 2023.
Pallavi’s legacy lives on through her remarkable contributions, notably her co-authored book “Don’t Ask Me How I Am Doing,” which captured the collective journey of young cancer survivors and caregivers. Her story resonated deeply, inspiring the festival’s panel of judges, including S. Prabhakar, Pallavi’s father, and Professors of Liberal Arts at Shoolini University.
In the award ceremony Priyadarshini Narendra and Anisha Motwani emerged as the deserving recipients of the Pallavi Sarswatula Memorial Award. Their collaborative work, “She Storms the Norm,” shines a spotlight on the triumphs and tribulations of working women who defy societal expectations, exemplifying the resilience and diversity inherent in the female experience.
Additionally, Yamini Prashanth received a special mention for her introspective poetry collection “Food for Thought,” a exploration of mental health struggles and personal growth.
The award also acknowledged the impactful contributions of nominees such as Namkala Chapgain, Kamayani, Sachi Dhillon, and Ankita Srivastava, whose literary endeavors spanned themes of cultural exploration, female identity, adventure, and breaking stereotypes.
Dr. Ashoo Khosla, trustee of Shoolini University and Director of the Literature Festival, emphasised the event’s commitment to celebrating the courage and narrative strength of women authors. “The Shoolini Literature Festival remains dedicated to honouring voices like Pallavi’s, which inspire and empower through storytelling,” she added. Mrs Khosla further added that this award serves as a beacon of inspiration and support for women who transform adversity into powerful narratives.

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