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Doordarshan to showcase ‘DHAROHAR BHARAT KI – Punruthaan ki Kahaani’

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Series traces PM Modi’s vision and its execution to build new national iconic sites

Documentary to narrate revival of our spirit of cultural unity and pride

2-part series to air on 14th and 15th April documenting national iconic sites to be anchored by popular digital media presenter Kamiya Jani

The strength of India’s present is seeded in the knowledge of our rich cultural, spiritual and national ethos. At this progressive inflection point, Doordarshan will showcase ‘धरोहर भारत की-पुनरुत्थान की कहानी’ (‘DHAROHAR BHARAT KI – Punruthaan ki Kahaani) a two-part documentary, with the first episode airing on 14th April 2023 at 8:00 pm, and the second episode on 15th April 2023 at 8:00 PM on Doordarshan National. The documentary will be anchored by popular digital media presenter Kamiya Jani.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his exclusive interaction for the documentary, has said “Our soldiers devote their entire lives and sacrificed their every being to safeguard every inch of our motherland. Their sacrifice cannot just be measured in words; its grandeur and import have to be brought alive to inspire future generations”.

In line with his vision, the documentary will showcase the huge strides made by India in the last few years for the revival of India’s spirit of cultural unity and pride. Ascertaining the security as well as the sanctity for patriotic sites such as the Jallianwallah Bagh; resuscitating the splendid fervour of our civilizational centres such as Ram Janmabhoomi, Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Somnath Dham and Kedarnath Dham according respect to such spiritual sites such as Kartarpur Sahib, celebrating the lives of our freedom fighters at inspirational sites such as the Cellular Jail, centre-staging the contribution of Netaji Bose through the grand Netaji statue at India gate canopy, and honouring the legendary contribution of our patriots– past and present – through the War Memorial are some of the themes presented in  the documentary.

The clarion call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi – “puratan, mahaan paramparaon ke prati aakarshan” or the interest in our pristine, magnanimous and unparalleled legacy –has become a nationwide phenomenon with historic participation from all sections of society. This documentary is a reflection of this very idea. While our combined pride has rejuvenated us with a sense of belongingness especially over the last few years, it is imperative for the youth of today to fully understand the significance of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and commemorate their legacy.

Equally, the sanctity of our revived and beautified spiritual centres, such as the Sabarmati Ashram, the reason behind the construction of new monuments and statues such as the Statue of Unity and the Panchteerth can be fully understood through this documentary.  In essence, the two-part documentary is a visually compelling showcase of India’s vast and vibrant culture, rejuvenating, embracing, and in doing so, celebrating our rich and diverse inheritance.

“धरोहर भारत की” (DHAROHAR BHARAT KI) will bring joy and pride to every Indian heart, as well as Indians-at-heart everywhere. It is only by experiencing the journey to our roots that we can follow the route to our brilliant future.

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