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Two books launched at YKC Shoolini University

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Solan, July 5
The Yogananda Knowledge Centre (YKC) at Shoolini University launched two new books today. The first book, Echoes of the Unbound Sky, authored by Prof. Naseer D. Pema from the Department of Liberal Arts, offers readers profound insights and reflections. Known for his scholarly acumen, Prof. Pema’s work is expected to resonate widely in academic circles.
The second book, DevOps Design Patterns, authored by Pradeep Chintale, delves into the methodologies and practices of DevOps in artificial intelligence. Chintale, who was present at the University for the Applied Artificial Intelligence International Conference, has created a publication poised to become a cornerstone for practitioners and enthusiasts in the field.
The event facilitated a lively exchange of ideas among attendees, underscoring Shoolini University’s commitment to fostering intellectual dialogue and scholarly activity. The launch not only celebrated academic achievements but also promoted networking and collaboration across disciplines.
YKC Director Col. TPS Gill said, these books find their place on the library shelves, they are set to inspire and educate generations of students and researchers, further cementing Shoolini University’s reputation as a center of intellectual excellence and innovation.
Mrs. Puja Thakur Head Librarian at YKC Congratulated   Prof. Naseer D. Pema, and Pradeep Chintale, on this momentous occasion of knowledge dissemination and scholarly achievement.

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