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Time To Expose Corrupt Leaders in State: Sukhu

Shimla, April 20: Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu has said that the time has come to expose corrupt leaders in the state and teach them a lesson. He said that the recent failed attempt by the BJP to destabilize the Congress government in the state through a conspiracy has revealed its true face before the country and the state. He said that any leader who betrays the party will never be able to win. He said that the BJP will have to face a decisive defeat in the upcoming by-elections in all four Lok Sabha and six Assembly constituencies of the state. He called upon all party office bearers and workers to unite and enter the election arena.

Addressing a meeting of party office bearers of the Shimla parliamentary constituency at the Pradesh Congress headquarters Rajiv Bhavan today, the Chief Minister said that the party has fielded two new experienced and energetic leaders in the Mandi and Shimla parliamentary constituencies this time. He said that soon the party will announce its faces for the remaining two parliamentary constituencies as well.

Sukkhu said that he has always successfully faced challenges. He said that democracy will not be looted by money power. He said that Congress has the support of the people. He said that BJP’s failed attempt to destabilize the government in the state through money power will now have to pay the price.

He said that making the state self-reliant is their main goal and they will achieve it. He said that despite difficult economic conditions, their government has fulfilled its first promise by restoring the old pension of employees. After this, the honorarium fund of Rs 1500 for women has also been released. He said that besides social security, the Congress government is committed to strengthening the rural economy. He said that the people of the state have not forgotten the relief work done by the government during disasters. He said that all party leaders, officials and workers should come together and ask for votes on the achievements of the 15-month-old state government and public welfare works.

Shimla parliamentary constituency candidate Vinod Sultanpuri expressed his gratitude for being made the party candidate by party president and Chief Minister of the state. He said that he has been given a great responsibility. He said that although he has been given a term of only 13 months as an MLA, with the blessings of the Chief Minister, he has completed more than Rs 95 crore worth of development works in his assembly constituency. He said that his family owes a debt to the Shimla parliamentary constituency as his father, Krishna Dutt Sultanpuri, represented this constituency for a long time. He assured that if elected as a Member of Parliament, he will also remain committed to the development and resolution of issues of this constituency.

Prior to this, Harshvardhan Chauhan, Dr. Colonel Dhaniram Shandil, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, Vikramaditya Singh, Vinay Kumar, Sanjay Awasthi, Nigam Bhandari, Jainab Chandel, and Atul Sharma, along with district and block presidents, also addressed the meeting, saying that the Congress is strong and united in the state. They said that Congress will wave the flag of its victory in all four Lok Sabha and six by-elections.

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