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Theft of Goods Worth Rs 25 Lakhs from Hotel

Suspicions Raised on Three Security Personnel

Kullu, Sept 21 :  In the tourist city of Manali, located in Himachal Pradesh, a theft has occurred at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Aleo. Goods worth approximately Rs 25 lakhs have been stolen from the hotel, including LED lights, blankets, electronic kettles, and fans. The hotel is under the possession of Punjab and Sind Bank. The bank manager has filed a complaint about the theft with the Manali police. Suspicions have been cast on the security personnel responsible for the hotel’s security.

According to Arun Kumar, the bank manager, the Imperial Palace Hotel in Aleo is under the possession of Punjab and Sind Bank. The security of the hotel was entrusted to security guards Manoj Kumar Singh, son of Bhagwan Das from Shahabad Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, Milan Kumar, son of Ram Bharose from Shishu Mandir, Ramapur, Uttar Pradesh, and Omkar, son of Shyamlal from Bodh, Bihar, Shahabad, Uttar Pradesh. When the hotel was inspected, it was found that the security guards were not present at the location, and the locks of the hotel had been broken.

Items stolen from the hotel include LED lights, blankets, electric kettles, fans, printers, speakers, and more. The estimated value of the stolen items is approximately Rs 25 lakhs. Other property of the hotel has also suffered damage. The manager suspects that the theft was committed by the security personnel themselves.

Upon the hotel manager’s complaint, the police have initiated an investigation into the matter. A team from Uttar Pradesh has been dispatched by the police to aid in the investigation. DSP Manali, KD Sharma, stated that the police are actively looking into the case.

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