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The Absurd Law Breakers

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Shimla, Dec. 20 – Abhishesk Prince

Recently there had been a case of encroachment of government land for the construction of temples in New tutu, Shimla that caught attention of many. Such is the shameless audacity of the absurd law breakers that despite court notices and summons from various departments, the construction hasn’t stopped. This is a classic case of violating the laws laid by the government to safeguard its property. Despite such stern laws and regulations, the defaulters are fearlessly breaking them and acting as per their will.

Moreover allegedly there had been massive funding raised by the public for this illegal private cause. This indeed would be interesting to watch how the administration teaches these convicts a lesson. Since it is extremely important to safeguard the government property and made sure that the rules are followed accordingly. Such instances encourage breaking the set rules and regulations and inspire irresponsible conduct when it comes to construction.

A stringent set of laws need to be implemented in order to keep the cases of encroachment in check. Definitely such activities need to be dealt with strict action which sets an example for the people, in order to abide by the set of rules laid by the authorities. It’s of utmost importance to act responsibly and respect the government property.

Hopefully the defaulters will get their due in no time. Such crisis and act of misconduct are the right opportunities to set an example for all of us to be aware about the rightful norms. Certainly the government will take the desired action and such activities would be prohibited in the future. This is a right time to gain awareness and start acting with a sense of belongingness towards the government land. Basically by all means being a law abiding citizen. This is the need of an hour to raise our voice against such illegal acts and become responsible citizens.

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