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Technical Glitches in EVMs Cause Voting Delays in Himachal

Shimla, June 1, 2024: Enthusiasm was high among voters from all sections of society as Himachal Pradesh conducted Lok Sabha and Assembly elections for six seats. Long lines formed at polling stations even before voting began at 7 a.m. However, voting was disrupted in several places due to technical issues with 49 Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). These issues were resolved by replacing the faulty machines, allowing voting to continue smoothly.

Key Incidents :

Shimla: Voting was delayed in multiple locations due to EVM malfunctions. Issues were reported in Shimal Shahar, Chopal, and Theog Assembly constituencies, where control units, ballot units, and VVPATs had to be replaced. The Khalini polling station experienced a malfunction at 7:55 AM, delaying voting until a new machine was installed at 8:35 a.m.

Hamirpur: EVMs failed at three locations, causing delays. At booth number 70 in Bharathiyan, voting started an hour late. Issues at booths in Kudhar and Dandru also delayed the process by 30 minutes to an hour.

Kangra: In Dehra Assembly, technical glitches at the Nai Bahi polling station caused a 45-minute delay.

Kullu: Badah polling station faced a temporary 20-minute disruption due to EVM issues.

Sirmaur: A significant number of EVMs (31) malfunctioned and had to be replaced.

Solan: Voting was delayed at four locations due to EVM issues. In Solan city and Kasauli, machines were replaced after hanging issues. Baddi also saw EVM problems at two locations.

Bilaspur: Voting at several locations was delayed due to faulty EVMs, including at polling stations in Haranoda and Ladayani. In Jamthal, Chamyoun, and Asha Majari, machines were replaced due to technical faults.

In the Gagret Assembly, the presiding officer and sector officer were replaced due to the late start of voting. Polling resumed smoothly after the new EVMs were installed.

Despite the technical challenges, voting in Himachal Pradesh proceeded with high voter enthusiasm and cooperation. The Election Commission ensured that all issues were promptly addressed to facilitate a fair and transparent voting process.

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