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Sukhu govt should apologise for insulting those who were in Jails during emergency: Shanta Kumar

Palampur, Mar 31 – Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and former Union Minister Shanta Kumar today said that he was deeply hurt by this disrespectful behavior of present State government towards those who went to jails during emergency and demanded that government should apologise for this.
He said, “All of us went to jail in the second freedom struggle of the country.” It was said in the Vidhan Sabha that the previous government has given a bailout of pension to our loved ones.
He said that 48 years ago in 1975, India, the world’s largest democracy, was made a prison house. About 75 thousand people like Jayaprakash Narayan, former PMs Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari Vajpayee were put in jails. He alleged that there was no plea for appeal. Even the basic right to life given in the constitution was abolished and this was the biggest black chapter in history.
He said that Allahabad high court had cancelled the then PM Indira Gandhi’s election for adopting corrupt means to win polls. She was disqualified.
Shanta Kumar said that all of us did not go to jail for any honor or pension but to protect democracy. We jumped into that war with a shroud on our heads. Many had died in the jails itself and now to call us favorite is a big insult to all of us and the country.
He said that this humiliation once again freshened all the wounds of 19 months of torture and hardships faced by the children and family 48 years ago.
Shanta Kumar said, “The government should apologise for this injustice done to us. We don’t want any respect, don’t even want pension, but using such words, this insult is a big injustice”.

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