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Successful Kidney Biopsy Performed at Bilaspur Regional Hospital

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Bilaspur, Sept 17 – In a significant medical milestone, the Bilaspur Regional Hospital in Himachal Pradesh successfully conducted a kidney biopsy on a male patient, marking a pioneering moment for the district-level hospital. Dr. Naresh Chauhan, a renowned nephrologist, performed the procedure, which is usually conducted in larger medical facilities.

Kidney biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that involves the removal of a small sample of kidney tissue for examination. It is essential for identifying kidney conditions or diseases accurately, enabling timely and appropriate treatment.

Dr. Naresh Chauhan skillfully conducted the kidney biopsy in the hospital’s operation theater. Typically, kidney biopsies are carried out in well-equipped, larger medical units, but Dr. Chauhan’s successful execution of the procedure at the regional hospital signifies a substantial advancement in the hospital’s capabilities.

The procedure involves inserting a needle into the kidney after ultrasound imaging to extract a tissue sample. This sample is then sent to a laboratory for testing. The results help in diagnosing kidney diseases and conditions, enabling the formulation of an effective treatment plan.

Dr. Naresh Chauhan’s expertise and the hospital staff’s dedication have opened new avenues of hope for patients suffering from kidney-related ailments in the region. The medical fraternity, along with Dr. Satish Sharma, the Medical Superintendent, and the entire medical staff, commends this achievement as a testament to the commitment to providing quality healthcare to the people of Himachal Pradesh.

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