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Students Commit to Reducing Plastic Waste

Today, on World Earth Day, the Department of Soil Science and Water Management at Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, hosted an event dedicated to raising awareness about environmental conservation. The department organized discussions and activities aimed at highlighting the crucial role each individual plays in preserving our planet.

The event featured lectures which were attended by 75 students, faculty members, and staff. Dr. ML Verma, Professor and Head of the department, emphasized this year’s theme, ‘Planet vs Plastics.’ He said that the theme underscores the urgent need to address the detrimental impact of plastic pollution on our environment and inhabitants. It calls for a global initiative to significantly reduce plastic production by 60% by 2040, paving the way for a plastic-free future.

Experts delved into the agricultural sector’s reliance on plastics for various applications such as mulching, irrigation pipes and protective structures like polyhouses and shade nets. They underlined the importance of researching and identifying microorganisms capable of degrading plastics.

In a symbolic gesture of commitment, all participants took a pledge to advocate for responsible plastic usage and disposal in their daily lives. They pledged to champion this cause both individually and through collective efforts, recognizing the imperative of safeguarding our planet for future generations.

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