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Special Road Safety Awareness Campaign by Transport Department from November 20 to 30

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Una, November 20: To address the alarming rate of road accidents in Himachal Pradesh and promote awareness about road safety rules, the Transport Department has initiated a special public awareness campaign from November 20 to 30, 2023. The campaign aims to reduce road accidents in the near future and make Himachal Pradesh an accident-free state. The Deputy Chief Minister, Mukesh Agnihotri, inaugurated the campaign in Bathu village of Haroli constituency.

During the ten-day campaign, various activities will be conducted to educate the public on road safety. The schedule includes awareness about the dangers of consuming alcohol and other intoxicating substances while driving on November 20, highlighting the responsibilities of bus drivers and conductors on November 21, and educating new drivers on November 22. Additionally, there will be sessions on the importance of seat belts and helmets, the adverse effects of using mobile phones while driving, and awareness about over-speeding and traffic violations.

The Deputy Chief Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to providing a grant of 50% for the purchase of electric vehicles, with monthly rentals ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹70,000 for the next four years. Furthermore, he announced a waiver of interest and fines on the due amounts for truck operators until March 31.

The campaign will involve various departments, including the police, education, health, and local administration, to conduct awareness programs and workshops at the district level. Special training will be provided to medical personnel to ensure timely and efficient treatment for road accident victims. The campaign will also include region-specific workshops for engineers, architects, and road construction contractors.

The Deputy Chief Minister urged district collectors to conduct a review meeting on November 28 to discuss the causes of road accidents in their respective districts. He emphasized the importance of exploring engineering, enforcement, and other options to prevent accidents. The campaign will leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience and promote road safety awareness.

Overall, the initiative seeks to instill a sense of responsibility among drivers and pedestrians and create a safer road environment for everyone in Himachal Pradesh.

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