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Shoolini University Hosts Successful International Conference on AAI

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Solan, July 6
The International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI), organised by the
the Yogananda School of Artificial Intelligence, Computers, and Data Sciences., concluded on Friday.
The three-day event was marked with groundbreaking presentations, interactive workshops, and vibrant academic discussions, highlighting the latest advancements and applications in AI. The conference aimed to foster academic and professional growth in AI, providing a venue for knowledge exchange and networking.
The final day of AAI began with an impactful keynote session by Professor Niladri Chatterjee on “AI in Healthcare: A Case Study on Mental Health.” His presentation emphasised AI’s transformative role in mental health diagnostics and treatments, showcasing improved accuracy and innovative treatment options.
Through meticulously planned sessions, the event featured hands-on workshops on “Cloud DevOps,” “Kubernetes,” and “Data Science,” allowing participants to gain practical insights from industry experts.
Mr. Pradeep Chintale, won the Best Paper Presenter Award, share their latest findings. Poster Presentation  were also organised and session featured cutting-edge research from eight participants. Mr. Aniket Bhardwaj, a master’s student, won the Best Poster Presenter Award for his innovative project on advanced AI methodologies, which garnered significant attention and praise.
Professor Ravindra Hegadi, the General Chair of the conference, delivered an address praising the university’s hospitality and the exceptional management of the conference. He commended the organisers for their meticulous planning and execution, which ensured a smooth and successful event. His address highlighted the collaborative spirit and dedication of everyone involved, from the organising committee to the volunteer students.
In the conference attendees included Professor Niladri Chatterjee, Mr. Aniket Bhardwaj, Mr. Pradeep Chintale, Professor Ravindra Hegadi, Professor Pankaj Vaidya, and Chancellor Professor PK Khosla.
The vote of thanks was deliver by Head of School Computers, and Data Sciences, Professor Pankaj Vaidya who expressed his gratitude to all the organisers, speakers, participants, and volunteers.

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