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Shoolini Law students participate in National Lok Adalat 

Solan, May 14
Students of BALLB and LLB, studying in Shoolini University, attended National Lok Adalat, organised by the District Legal Services Authority, in the District Court Complex, Solan.
The purpose of the visit was to make aware the students about the methods and techniques of Lok Adalat to resolve disputes amicably.
Students pursuing BALLB and LLB degrees at Shoolini University delved into the practical intricacies of legal proceedings as they participated in the National Lok Adalat, organised by the District Legal Services Authority in the District Court Complex, Solan. The  event was aimed to illuminate the students on the methodologies and strategies employed by Lok Adalat in fostering amicable dispute resolution.
Under the guidance of Assistant Prof. Mr. Vineet Kumar, Faculty of Legal Sciences   accompanied by Dr. Kusum Verma, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Legal Science, coordinated this enlightening visit.
Prof. Nandan Sharma, Dean Faculty of Legal Science, said, the initiative was crafted as an integral segment of the students’ practical learning curriculum, aimed at offering them a pragmatic insight into legal proceedings beyond the conventional courtroom ambiance.
The focal point of the visit was to acquaint law students with the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms exemplified by Lok Adalat. It was designed to augment their comprehension of legal processes while underscoring the significance of harmonious dispute settlement.
Mr. Arvind Malhotra, District and Session Judge, Mr. Vivek Khanal, Additional District and Session Judge, and Mr. Ramnik Sharma, Chief Judicial Magistrate, were present at the Court and students were motivated towards a pragmatic approach to learning. The cases addressed during the proceedings spanned diverse domains including domestic violence, restitution of conjugal rights, and property disputes, offering students a multifaceted exposure to real-world legal intricacies.
A notable highlight of the event was the interaction between students and Shri Vivek Khanal, Additional District and Session Judge, who graciously extended internship opportunities twice a year, thereby providing invaluable practical exposure to budding legal minds.

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