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Shimla’s Radiant Celebration: Embracing Divine Joy Beyond Politics

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Shimla, Jan 22 Ritanjali Hastir

In an unprecedented display of unity and exuberance, Shimla witnessed a Diwali that transcended the ordinary. The streets reverberated with the rhythmic beats of drums, were infused with the fragrance of incense, and adorned with the vibrant glow of countless diyas. This extraordinary celebration wasn’t just about the festival of lights; it marked a significant event: the Pran Prathishta ceremony of Lord Rama’s idol in Ayodhya.

Regardless of political affiliations, Shimla’s residents came together in a shared spirit of devotion. Each Hindu home transformed into a luminous haven, illuminated by diyas and intricate rangoli, symbolizing the timeless triumph of good over evil. The anticipation for this historic moment had woven a tapestry of emotions, transcending political differences.

Former Chief Minister Jai Ram was also part of this radiant affair, lighting diyas alongside the citizens. His presence added a touch of leadership to the celebration. Additionally, students from the Fine Arts College showcased their artistic fervor by creating on-the-spot paintings depicting the divine glory of Lord Rama.


As the night unfolded, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla, too, joined the festivities and lauded the role of Prime Minister Modi. He commended the Prime Minister for meticulously following each ritual and fasting until the historic moment. Governor Shukla emphasized that the temple, constructed with public contributions, was not a government endeavor but a testament to the collective devotion of Indian citizens to building a home for their revered Lord Rama.

The atmosphere pulsated with divinity. The ceremonial rituals in Ayodhya resonated across the hills, creating an unspoken bond among the people in Shimla. The news of Lord Rama’s idol consecration spread, fostering a collective sentiment that surpassed political boundaries.

For the devoted residents, this wasn’t just a political event; it marked the fulfillment of a centuries-old wait. The longing for Lord Rama’s return had finally found its resolution, and the city echoed with jubilant cries of “Jai Shri Ram.” The connection between the people and their faith became tangible, expressed through an outpouring of profound emotions.

Every corner of Shimla bore witness to this grand celebration. Temples echoed with prayers, homes welcomed friends and neighbors, and the aroma of home-cooked delicacies lingered in the air. The night sky became a canvas for fireworks, not merely a symbol of festivity but an expression of collective happiness.

Amidst this grand celebration, political affiliations seemed to fade into the background. Shimla witnessed a rare moment of unity, where the anticipation for Lord Rama’s return became the common thread binding every heart. It wasn’t just a festival; it was a historical moment etched in the hearts of the people, a moment when politics took a backseat, and the radiance of diyas illuminated the significance of the day.

As the echoes of the festivities lingered in the mountain air, Shimla reveled in the warmth of shared joy. The celebration of Lord Rama’s idol installation not only illuminated the city but had also left an indelible mark on the hearts of its people, becoming a luminous chapter in Shimla’s history.

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