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Rebel MLAs insulted ‘public vote’ and the ‘public faith’ states Sukhu

SHIMLA 16th March, 2024

CM announces ITI at Kotdhar in Jhandhuta and announces Rs. 58 crore to double lane Bagchaal bridge

While addressing a public meeting at Lag in Jhandhuta assembly constituency, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu announced opening of branch Himachal Pradesh Cooperative Bank and an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Kotdhar. He also announced to start bus service from PMCH in Nakhleda and Shahtalai to AIIMS Kothipura and double laning of Thapna to Bagchhal road. He said that Rs 50 crore will be spent on this road in a year.
He said that Baghchhal bridge shorten the distance facilitating the people of Jhanduta and Ghumarwin to reach Bilaspur and Kiratpur. He said Rs 58 crore would be provided for double lane the Baghchhal road.
“I have never compromised with my principles while in politics and have always been against corruption and have worked in the interest of the state,” he said. Due to the earnest efforts of the government to generate income from own resources, the revenue has increased by Rs 2200 crore in this financial year and a profit of Rs 600 crore was obtained from the auction of liquor vends and the revenue so obtained was being spent on the development works.
The government is working for the welfare of every section of the society and has started Sukh Shiksha Yojana for the education of 1.13 lakh children of the widows and single women. To benefit the labour under MNREGA the government has increased their honorarium by Rs. 60 per day i.e. from Rs. 240 to Rs 300. A provision has been made in the Budget for treatment of elderly people above 70 years of age. He said that Himachal Pradesh has become the first state in the country to give support price on milk. Besides it has also fulfilled its 5th guarantee by providing Rs 1500 to women above 18 years of age.
He reiterated that the people will not spare the rebel MLAs who deceived their faith. A person who sells his honour and betray their families has to run hiding themselves out of fear, said the Chief Minister. They have insulted the public vote and the public will make them realize the power of their vote. Their families are worried about their whereabouts but, I assure that their families are my family members and I respect their sentiments, said he.
The BJP with its mismanaged affairs left state in the debt of Rs 75 thousand crores and liabilities of the government employees worth Rs 10 thousand crores, said the Chief Minister. Despite this, the state government implemented the old pension scheme for 1.36 lakh government employees. The government launched Mukhyamantri Sukh Aashray Yojana for the care of 4000 orphan children of the state.
During the natural disaster 51 deaths occurred in a single day in the 75-year history of Himachal and more than 500 people lost their lives during this disaster. To rehabilitate more than 16 thousand disaster affected families, the state government changed the norms of relief package. The government provided Rs. 10 thousand to the disaster affected houseless as rent for urban areas and five thousand in rural areas.
The state government organized Revenue Lok Adalats to provide relief to the people, under which more than 90 thousand mutation and more than seven thousand partition cases were settled.
Later, he also addressed public meeting at Ghumarwin and counted the guarantees and welfare schemes started for the common man. He said that introducing English medium in government schools and opening of Rajiv Gandhi Day-Boarding Schools will certainly prove a game changer for qualitative education. He said that the model health institutions being established in every assembly constituency will cater to the health needs of the people till village level. He said that adequate funds have been made in this year’s Budget for technical education sector which would be utilized for honing the technical skills of youth and enabling them for self employment ventures.
CM assured to fulfill the various demands of the people of Ghumawin assembly constituency on priority.
Technical Education Minister Rajesh Dharmani welcomed the Chief Minister to his home segment and thanked him for dedicating the projects worth crores.
While in Jhandhuta Congress leader Vivek Kumar express gratitude to the Chief Minister for inaugurating the historic Rs 64 crore Baghchhal Bridge fulfilling a long-pending demand of the residents of Kotdhar and people of 14 panchayats will be benefited from this. I am thankful to the Chief Minister for providing adequate funds for the construction work of this bridge. He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for providing funds of Rs 58 crore for the Baghchhal-Talai road as well.
Technical Education Minister Rajesh Dharmani, former Minister Ram Lal Thakur, former MLAs Biru Ram Kishore, Babu Ram Gautam and Tilak Raj Sharma, District Congress President Anjana Dhiman, were also present on the occasion.


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