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Pre-Poll Jitters for BJP as Dissent Grows: Harikrishna Himachal

Shimla, May 20, 2024.

Even before the elections, the BJP is facing a backlash against its policies and rhetoric, leading to dissent among its candidates. Today, BJP candidates Kangana Ranaut in Kaja, Opposition leader Jairam Thakur, and BJP candidate Ravi Thakur in the by-elections are facing opposition from local people.

Harikrishna Himachal, Vice President of the Pradesh Congress Party, sarcastically criticized the BJP, stating that the people are not buying into their rhetoric, forcing them to face opposition. He criticized the BJP for fielding a female candidate in the Mandi constituency who lacks basic knowledge of politics. According to Himachal, this candidate goes against the grain, often stirring up controversies wherever she goes. He pointed out that the candidate doesn’t even know when India gained independence or who the first Prime Minister of the country was, yet the BJP has chosen her as their candidate. Himachal accused the BJP of being so blinded by power that they cannot even discern who should represent them.

On the other hand, Himachal highlighted how the BJP has given tickets to turncoats in six constituencies, including Lahaul-Spiti, who were rejected by the people and betrayed the trust of the state’s residents by succumbing to greed and distributing positions for money. Now they are paying the price by facing opposition from the people. Himachal also pointed out how a former BJP leader had to face opposition from the people for attempting to topple the honest government of the state. He accused Jairam Thakur, a former Chief Minister, of indulging in corrupt practices and failing to provide essential facilities to government employees. Thakur’s tenure was marked by attempts to deceive the people, including the announcement of opening more than 900 institutions without a budget. However, in 2022, the people of the state responded decisively, ousting him from power and placing him in the opposition. Today, wherever he goes for election campaigning, he faces rejection from the people of the state.

Himachal predicted that under the leadership of CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukkhu, the government would continue to function strongly for five years, and Congress candidates would win all four Lok Sabha seats with a significant majority.

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