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Plan to combat stray cattle issue

Shimla, Nov. 11 Himachal Tonite

With an aim to solve the stray cattle problem in Himachal Pradesh by aiding gaushalas, the director of Attri Bio Products and Services Private Limited, Anshuk Attri, shared his ideas today. “Attri Bio Products and Services is a startup based in Shimla and his company aims to help make Himachal stray cattle free by setting up new model gaushalas in the state”, informed Attri.

He stressed the need that new gaushalas coming up the state should be replicate the model of Dr. YS Parmar Gausadan, a gaushala in the Pajhota area of Rajgarh, Sirmaur which the company is already helping to manage.

“This gaushala, built on 240 bighas of private land, is unique because it is made out of local material, and it is based near government-owned land, where the animals graze, and thereby reducing the cost of buying feed” informed Attri.

“This gaushala has already made Rajgarh nearly stray cattle free, and replicating this model will do the same for Himachal. Any new gaushalas coming up must be economical and their management must be modern, to make them efficient. We want to help government identify ideal location for such model gaushalas, as well as help build and run them”, shared Attri.

Attri Bio Products and Services have launched a platform named Gau Sanrakshan which is available as an app on Android, through Google Play Store, and also as a website at gausanrakshan.com. Using this platform, users can find information about gaushalas in the state, as well as donate to them.

Any donation made on this platform is processed through a secure gateway and the funds will be transferred to the gaushalas directly. This will help make the donation process more efficient and transparent. This platform also has a feature for filling stray cattle report, through which the citizens can report any stray cattle they find in their neighborhoods.

Attri also stressed the importance of setting up an online market place for bio-products like cow-dung and other cow-urine products that the gaushalas can sell to achieve financial independence as he says, “Brands like Patanjali are also selling such products on an international platform through e-commerce. If we try and create a local market where cow dung cakes and urine can be sold, I am sure not many cattle will be abandoned by the owners.  With time, only milk production is reduced, but other things can be used by owners to generate income on any given day.”

“There is a need to create awareness among the masses and with PPP (Public, Private Partnership) making Himachal Cattle free won’t be a distant dream”, he added.


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