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Palamapur Science Centre Celebrates ‘World Veterinary Day’ as part of Cleanliness Fortnight

Palamapur Science Centre in Palamapur, as per its annual tradition, is enthusiastically observing the cleanliness fortnight with great zeal and excitement this year as well. The cleanliness fortnight, which runs from April 16th to April 30th in the first six months of 2024, is being organized at a national level.

The objective of this cleanliness campaign is to make it more popular among the general public of Himachal Pradesh and tourists from across the country and abroad, and to turn cleanliness into a mass movement by promoting good sanitation habits. Over these 15 days, various educational programs are being organized at the Science Centre, focusing especially on youth and students.

As part of these efforts, on April 27, 2024, the Science Centre organized the ‘World Veterinary Day’ in its auditorium. In the morning session, students and visitors present at the Centre were taken on a guided tour of its various galleries and facilities, familiarizing them with the intricacies of science. Through various exhibitions, they were made aware of the nuances of science. Subsequently, a popular science lecture on veterinary science was conducted, providing information on animal healthcare, followed by an open house Q&A session based on the lecture and the Centre’s tour.

In the afternoon session, participating teams were given a guided tour of the Centre’s galleries and facilities, followed by an explanation of interesting astronomical phenomena and the science behind them through a lecture on astronomy and a science exhibition. A brief discussion on veterinary science was organized, followed by an open house Q&A session based on it.

Participants from the Government Senior Secondary School for Girls, Palamapur, and the Royal Academy, Palamapur, totaling 52 students and 4 supervising teachers, along with 43 tourists, took part in this program. All participants were felicitated, and participation certificates will be sent to them online.

This program aims to promote scientific awareness and encourage youth engagement in scientific activities, contributing to the broader objective of promoting cleanliness and hygiene in society.

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