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National Seminar on traditional medicine in the Himalayas from tomorrow

Solan, May 9

Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts, and School of Biotechnology at Shoolini University is organising a National Seminar on the topic “Exploring the History of Traditional Medicine in the Himalayas from Friday.
The seminar has been sponsored by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR). The collaboration underscores a commitment to delve into the depths of history and heritage to illuminate the path of traditional medicine.
Exploring the History of Traditional Medicines in the Himalayas” seminar offers a captivating journey into the origins and evolution of medicinal practices in one of the world’s most revered mountain ranges. Through interdisciplinary lenses of history, anthropology, and pharmacology, attendees will unravel the rich tapestry of healing traditions that have flourished in the Himalayan region for centuries. Expert speakers will delve into ancient texts, archaeological findings, and contemporary scientific research to illuminate the cultural, social, and ecological contexts shaping Himalayan herbal remedies. From Ayurveda to Tibetan medicine, this seminar promises to deepen understanding of the diverse therapeutic approaches that continue to thrive amidst the towering peaks and lush valleys of the Himalayas.
Dr. Ashoo Khosla and Dr. Purnima Bali, the Seminar Conveners, along with Prof. Saurabh Kulshrestha, the Co-Convener, and Dr. Ekta Singh, the Seminar Coordinator, have extended invitation to all enthusiasts, scholars, and practitioners alike, to be a part of this scholarly endeavour

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