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Nalagadh’s Independent MLA is Now ‘KL Bike’: Chief Minister

BJP Fears Facing People’s Verdict

Chief Minister Seeks Public Support for Congress Candidate Vinod Sultanpuri in Panjera of Nalagarh and Baddi of Doon

Nalagarh/Baddi:Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu accused Nalagarh’s independent MLA of being bought. He is the first independent MLA to stage a protest outside the Assembly to get his resignation accepted. He even approached the High Court for the acceptance of his resignation but faced defeat there as well. Sukhu referred to the MLA as “KL Bike,” saying that the MLA preferred the items packed in a briefcase from BJP over the honor given by Sukhu. This independent MLA, who initially ran as an independent, now has no reason to fear. He sold himself in BJP’s political market and avoided returning home for a month. He has participated in the BJP’s conspiracy to topple the government and has betrayed the sentiments of the people of Nalagarh.

Chief Minister Sukhu made these statements while addressing election rallies in Panjera, Nalagarh constituency, and Baddi, Doon constituency, in support of Congress candidate Vinod Sultanpuri. He stated that there has been no lack of development in the Nalagarh constituency, but KL preferred personal development over public development. BJP’s hunger for power is such that they have even bought six Congress MLAs. BJP fears the public’s reaction to the people-oriented actions taken by the Congress government in the past 14 months. We are presenting our work before the public without any fear or threat.

Former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has been predicting that two governments will be formed on June 4, but he will be shocked when neither the six sold-out former MLAs nor the four Lok Sabha candidates win. The public will teach a lesson to BJP, which tries to buy votes with money.

He emphasized the need to end this politics of buying and selling and corruption. Our government has closed the back doors of corruption, generating an additional revenue of ₹2200 crore in one year. We have fielded two MLAs in the Lok Sabha elections to show BJP that the Congress government is strong with a full majority, as Jairam Thakur’s calculations are extremely weak.

Shimla parliamentary constituency MP Suresh Kashyap was elected with people’s votes, but after winning, he forgot the people. He did not understand the people’s pain during the disaster and lacked the courage to approach the Prime Minister for a special relief package. He does not deserve to be an MP. He has not raised any issues concerning the people in Parliament, so the public should elect Congress candidate Vinod Sultanpuri, who has the ability to solve people’s problems. The Chief Minister announced that ₹1200 will be given per stray cow to those who keep them at home. People should not leave stray animals on the roads but come forward to protect them.

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, addressing a public meeting in Baddi, stated that the current election is not about leadership or power but about deciding the future course of democracy. It is about the pride and honor of Himachal Pradesh because BJP murdered democracy in the Rajya Sabha elections. I have never compromised on principles in politics.

He mentioned that changing the process of liquor auctioning has brought the government an additional revenue of ₹500 crore. The BJP government did not auction liquor contracts for five years, causing loss to the treasury. With the reinstatement of OPS, children are bringing their elderly parents back from old age homes as they now receive ₹27000 instead of ₹2700. This is the change in system. If the central government provided special relief packages for Bhuj and Uttarakhand disasters, why not for Himachal? BJP President and MP Suresh Kashyap failed to get relief for Himachal during the disaster, proving he cannot be a true public servant. Our government stood by every needy person. We increased the diet money for policemen from ₹210 to ₹1000. We are presenting our work before the public today and will do so again in five years. In a democracy, the greatest power is the people’s power, not money power. MLAs who could not remain loyal to Congress will never be loyal to the public. Himachal will become self-reliant by 2027 and the most prosperous state in the country by 2032.

Health Minister Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil, CPS Chaudhary Ram Kumar, Lok Sabha candidate Vinod Sultanpuri, former candidate Baba Hardeep, District President Shiv Kumar, Block President Nalagarh Husan Thakur, Doon Block Congress President Kultar Thakur, former Baddi Municipal Council President Chaudhary Madan Lal, Jogindra Bank Chairman Mukesh Sharma, Nalagarh Municipality President Alka Verma, former District President Rahul Thakur, Nalagarh area in-charge Pratap Singh Thakur, Panjera Panchayat Pradhan Rajendra Kumar, and CPI Himachal Assistant Secretary Naresh Ghai were also present.

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