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Murder Case Unfolds in Shimla: Accused Arrested in Rohru Sub-Division

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Shimla, March 31: A case of murder has emerged in the Rohru sub-division of the capital city, where the Rohru police have arrested the accused. The incident took place near Astani village in Rohru. The deceased has been identified as Kamal (30), while the arrested suspect is Ravi, of Nepali origin.

According to information received from the police, both youths were working as laborers in Rohru and were acquainted with each other. On Saturday evening, an argument broke out between them over some issue, during which Ravi allegedly caused Kamal’s death. Khushi Ram, a resident of Astani village, filed a complaint with the police, stating that on Saturday evening, when he was returning home, he found a youth lying in a pool of blood on the road. Blood was flowing from his head.

According to the complainant, the youth lying on the road was Kamal, and Ravi was also present at the scene. Upon seeing him, Ravi fled from there. Rohru DSP Naresh Sharma stated on Sunday that this is a case of murder, and the Rohru police have registered a case under section 302 of the IPC and arrested the accused. He added that various aspects of the case are being investigated.

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