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MoU signed between Shoolini and Soka University

Solan, Feb 19
Himachal Pradesh based Shoolini University and Soka University, Japan, signed a Memorandum of Undertaking on Friday to further the cause of peace, culture and education.
Mr. Yoshihisa Baba, President of Soka University, praised Shoolini university for achieving tremendous heights, including being ranked as one of the Top 300 Universities in Asia in the QS Asian University Rankings 2021. He also lauded the vision of becoming a top 200 global university by 2022, calling it an honour to be associated with such a university.
Mr. Yoshihisa praised Chancellor Prof. PK Khosla’s work for community development and the welfare of humanity. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Atul Khosla mentioned that the objectives of both universities are the same, and that is to propel human values and make sure the world becomes a better place.
Prof. Atul Khosla said that “we live in an era of uncertainty that extends beyond the borders of a nation state. To sustain our societies, maintain peace, and grow harmoniously, we need a new approach”. He expressed the hope that “both universities will demonstrate a promising future for humanity and develop new skills for survival in a global village”.
Prof. Mukesh Williams, advisor to the South Asia Research Center at Soka University, has been named a distinguished Professor at Shoolini University. Prof. Williams said that the collaboration will pave the way for deeper Japan-India relations. He presented the MoU documents on the behalf of Shoolini University

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