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Modi rule has ensured secure border : Anurag Thakur

21 May 2024, Badsar/Kutlaihar, Himachal Pradesh:

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Youth and Sports Affairs, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur today said that it would be better if the Congress does not give lecture on the army because it been brokering & taking commissions in defense deals since independence. Our soldiers yearned for good facilities and Congress kept weakening the Indian Army on the agenda of enemy countries. Under Modi’s rule, both the Indian Army and the border have become strong and secure. Congress should explain why it remained a puppet of China-Pakistan?

Shri Anurag Thakur made these remarks today during public campaigns in Hamirpur parliamentary constituency and conversation with media persons in Badsar and Kutlaihar assembly.

Shri Anurag Thakur said, “If the Congress Party, which ruled for a long time after independence, had thought about the national interest and not limited itself to its own interests, India would have become a superpower long ago. During the rule of Congress, big scams took place everywhere in the country i.e, on land, water and air. This weakened our global image. History is witness to the fact that since independence, the Congress Party has scammed every defense deal by giving preference to its own deal. The agenda of Congress has always been to fill the country’s money in their pockets. Immediately after independence, they committed a scam in purchasing 3 thousand jeeps from England. Then they brokered Bofors to Scorpion Submarine and VVIP helicopter AgustaWestland. The Congress leaders kept spending the money meant for strengthening the army on their own indulgences while our brave soldiers kept dying due to want on the border. Turning a blind eye to all this, the ‘Namdars’ spent most of their time celebrating their holidays.”

Speaking further, Shri Anurag Thakur said, “Those who had the responsibility of keeping the country safe, always went out of the country to celebrate holidays with their foreign guests and film stars. The country will never take the risk of handing over power to that family again, which used the country’s pride INS Viraat warship as a taxi for their holidays. Former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi used the warship, deployed for the security of the country, for his personal use to visit his relatives for 10 days. National security has never been a matter of concern for this Nehru-Gandhi family.”

Shri Anurag Thakur said, “It has been 75 years since the partition of the country but even today the strings of Congress are interconnected with Pakistan. That’s why sometimes people from Congress are found sitting in the lap of Pakistan and sometimes people from Pakistan are found sitting in the lap of Congress. The news is coming from the fifth phase of voting that Rahul Gandhi is losing the election from Rae Bareli but he is getting continuous support from Pakistan. This nexus gives the answer to why Congress asks for proof of surgical strike. It also answers the question why Congress wants to eliminate nuclear weapons from India. On one hand these people talk about eliminating Indian nuclear weapons and on the other hand they show us the fear of Pakistan’s atom bomb. Even during the Doklam dispute, when Indian soldiers were fighting the Chinese army, Rahul Gandhi was having dinner with Chinese officials. The NGO associated with Congress getting funds from China shows that Congress also gets support from China through back door. This Nehru Gandhi family has given thousands of acres of land of the country to China and Pakistan. It is clear from all this that Congress is hand in glove with foreign forces who are trying to destabilize India.”

Shri Anurag Thakur said that “The work that has been done for the Army during the 10 years of Modi government, were not even done in the last 60 years. We implemented the Army’s age-old demand, One Rank One Pension. Till now we have given more than one lakh crore money to our brave ex-servicemen. We have built more than 6800 kilometers of roads just on the border. Today no enemy can raise its eyes towards India. Even if someone commits such a mistake, today’s India enters their house and kills them. Today, not only our sons but also our daughters have the power to send terrorists to the graveyard because Modi ji has provided them with modern and good military equipment and weapons. Congress didn’t even provide our army the bullet proof jackets and night vision goggles. They did not do anything even after the Mumbai terrorist attack. But for Modi ji, the security of the country and the nation is always paramount, that is why today the Indian Army has fighter aircraft like Rafale and Tejas and missiles like Agni 5. Last year, India itself manufactured defense equipment worth more than Rs 1 lakh crore. Today we are giving Tejas and BrahMos missiles to other countries. Today our space program is setting new records. Not only this, we have seen about 11 Peace agreements in the North east. Today Naxalites are laying down arms all over the country. Congress never resolved these issues but always allowed them to grow.”

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