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“Mimansa Dvitiya” – Children’s Literature Festival 2024 in Shimla

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Shimla, March 15:

The Department of Language and Culture of Himachal Pradesh is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the state’s culture and literature. In pursuit of this objective, the department organizes various literary and cultural events from time to time. In continuation of this series, the department, in collaboration with the Keekali Charitable Trust, Shimla, is organizing the “Mimansa Dvitiya” – Children’s Literature Festival from March 22nd to March 24th, 2024. This festival is the second edition of the “Mimansa” series, which was successfully organized last year in March 2023. Witnessing its success and children’s participation, the department has decided to organize this festival again this year.

Renowned children’s author Rupa Pai will be the chief guest of the festival, who will also inaugurate the event, and cartoonist Uday Shankar will be present as a special guest.

This three-day Children’s Literature Festival will feature book reviews, vocabulary skills, storytelling, poster making, and other competitions. Students under the age of 25 from schools, colleges, and universities can participate in this event.

The aim of this literary festival is to provide a platform for children to express themselves, listen to others, participate in interactive sessions, and encourage reading. “Mimansa” is an attempt to give voice to children’s writing, whether in the form of books or poetry, written entirely by them. This three-day literary festival will follow the following schedule:

– Open Mic Reading sessions will be held from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM where poetry recitation and book reviews and discussions will take place.

– Inter-school competitions will be held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

During the three days, reviews of 8 books by young readers will be conducted. Young readers will sit with authors and moderators to discuss and share their thoughts on selected books. The main titles for discussion include “The Yoga Sutra” by Rupa Pai, “Begamoo Ki Soo” by Shrinivas Joshi, “Folk Tales of Himachal” by Sudarshan Vashisht, “Shimla Bazaar” by Sumit Raj, “Memorable Memories of Bhutan” by Dr. Jayanti Dimri, “Aaina” by Ranjodh Singh, “High on Kasol” by Aditya Kant, and “Lost in Apple Country,” “The Fatal Arrival,” and “The Deadly Kitty” by Meenakshi Chaudhary.

A special art workshop for children will also be organized by renowned artist Uday Shankar and Professor Him Chatterjee.

The deadline for participation is March 18th, and for more information and participation forms, contact the Keekali Charitable Trust at [contact details].

This unique literary festival aims to encourage children’s participation in literature and creativity, and various competition winners will be awarded cash prizes.

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