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Labour Day Celebrations at Solan Public School, Solan: Tribute to Workers

Solan Public School in Solan commemorated International Labour Day on May 1st with fervor and enthusiasm. The event was graced by distinguished guests, Retired Lieutenant General Dr. S. B. Sahajpal and renowned educationist Mrs. Kiran Sahajpal, who served as the chief guests. Lieutenant General Dr. S. B. Sahajpal, retired Director General of the Dental Corps of the Army, and Mrs. Kiran Sahajpal, with her extensive experience as a school principal, added prestige to the occasion.

The school’s leadership, including Director Mrs. Preetee Kumar, Mentor Dr. M. M. Kaushal, and Dr. Sharon Priyadarshini, were also present to honor the significance of the day.

The highlight of the celebration was the vibrant presentations by the students, including a short drama portraying the invaluable contributions of laborers to society and stirring recitations of poems dedicated to Labour Day.

In a heartwarming gesture, Mrs. Preetee Kumar presented cards to the dedicated employees working within the school premises, recognizing their hard work and commitment. A gesture of appreciation continued as all hostel residents, teachers, and Mrs. Kumar joined the employees for a high tea, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support.

Emphasizing the dignity of all forms of labor, Mrs. Kumar reiterated that no task is insignificant, underscoring the importance of recognizing and valuing the efforts of every individual.

As a fitting conclusion to the program, students came together to offer ‘Shram Daan’ – a symbolic gesture of gratitude to the school’s helpers, further exemplifying the spirit of solidarity and appreciation that marked the day’s celebrations.

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