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Kangana Ranaut’s Campaign Losing Steam as Mandi Election Nears: Vikramaditya Singh

Mandi: Congress candidate and Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh has remarked that as the polling date approaches, the mental stability of BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut seems to be deteriorating, suggesting she needs rest. He stated that Kangana has exhausted all her dialogues and her script is finished, signaling the end of her campaign.

Addressing election rallies in Takoli, Shiva Badar, Katoula, and Bhuli within the Drang Assembly constituency of Mandi district, Singh took a jab at Kangana, emphasizing that clinging to power is not in his nature. He asserted that in a democracy, it is the people who place someone in power. He quipped that Kangana’s dialogue about leaders clinging to their seats might as well apply to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders who have held their positions for the past decade and are now aiming for another term with the “400 seats” slogan.

Singh accused Kangana of being disheartened and desperate upon facing her imminent defeat. He mentioned that while he is approaching the Mandi Lok Sabha elections with a clear vision, Kangana lacks any such vision. Instead, she relies solely on chanting the Prime Minister’s name, glorifying him, and portraying him as a divine figure to seek votes. He expressed confidence that Kangana’s desire to become an MP will never materialize, as people believe in work over blind devotion.

Outlining his priorities if elected as MP, Singh promised to make the Mandi parliamentary constituency the top constituency in the country. His plans include transforming Mandi into a smart city, developing tourist spots, and providing employment opportunities for the youth. He credited former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for his significant contributions to the development of Mandi and pledged to continue enhancing the region’s development if given the chance.

Singh also criticized former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, challenging him to specify what new initiatives he introduced in Mandi during his tenure. He highlighted Thakur’s grand but unfulfilled promises of constructing an international-level airport in Mandi.

Former minister Thakur Kaul Singh, accompanying Vikramaditya Singh, praised the Congress leadership for fielding a young yet experienced leader. He urged the people to ensure Vikramaditya Singh’s victory with a substantial margin.

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