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Jairam Thakur Accuses Himachal Government of Nepotism

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Shimla, July 9, 2024: Opposition leader Jairam Thakur has accused the Himachal Pradesh government of unprecedented corruption, directly implicating Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. Thakur claims that tender conditions are being manipulated from the CM’s office, with lucrative contracts being awarded to close associates. Allegations include inflating a ₹175 crore tender to ₹245 crore and favoring certain individuals during a mining policy change. Thakur predicts that the upcoming elections will end Sukhu’s tenure as CM, citing widespread dissatisfaction among various societal groups.

Thakur also criticized the government’s alleged misuse of power to harass opposition candidates and their supporters, suggesting this behavior indicates the ruling party’s fear of losing the election. Additionally, he blamed Congress and Rahul Gandhi for the unrest in Manipur, asserting that peace efforts by the current central and state governments are restoring stability in the region.

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