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Jai Ram Thakur’s Rally in Nalagarh

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Criticism of Sukhu Government and Support for KL Thakur

**Solan/Nalagarh, July 6, 2024** — In a rally supporting BJP candidate KL Thakur, Leader of Opposition Jai Ram Thakur criticized the Sukhu government for focusing on scandals rather than development over the past one and a half years. He addressed the crowd in Nalagarh, pointing out that those questioning BJP’s ability to form the government were the same ones who doubted their success in the Rajya Sabha elections. Thakur emphasized that politics is a game of possibilities and quick changes.

Thakur criticized the government for shutting down schools, colleges, and hospitals instead of introducing new schemes and institutions. He urged the public to vote for KL Thakur with a record majority, promising that BJP would accelerate Nalagarh’s development. He highlighted that the current visible progress in Nalagarh was due to the previous BJP government, including the establishment of a medical devices park and the construction of four-lane roads.

Thakur condemned the Sukhu government for halting funds for BBN development and increasing electricity rates, causing industries to suffer. He praised KL Thakur’s persistent efforts for Nalagarh’s development and criticized the current government for denotifying hospital upgrades and filing false cases against KL Thakur.

Thakur concluded by asserting that the people of Himachal Pradesh are not intimidated by the Sukhu government’s oppressive tactics and stand firmly with the BJP, rejecting Congress’s policies.

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