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India Achieves New Heights of Development under Modi’s Leadership: Anurag Thakur

In a campaign event in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Anurag Singh Thakur, stated that in the past 10 years, under Modi’s leadership, India has provided development and dignity to all sections of society including youth, women, farmers, and the poor, which the Congress failed to do in its 60 years of governance. He emphasized that India is rapidly eradicating poverty and is on track to become a developed nation under Modi 3.0. Thakur highlighted various achievements such as India’s robust economy and its global leadership in areas like vaccine production and renewable energy alliances.

Thakur credited Modi’s leadership for transforming India’s governance from Congress’ era of fear, confusion, and corruption to a regime focused on service, good governance, and public welfare. He stressed that Modi has always considered Himachal Pradesh as his second home and has prioritized its development, providing unprecedented infrastructure, disaster relief, and welfare measures.

Thakur also praised Modi’s proactive approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, where India not only developed indigenous vaccines in record time but also provided free vaccinations to millions of people globally. He highlighted initiatives like Startup India, Stand Up India, and Skill India, which have empowered youth and fostered innovation. Thakur underscored Modi’s commitment to inclusive development, citing initiatives like free healthcare, gas connections for rural households, and food security measures benefiting millions.

Furthermore, Thakur lauded Modi’s efforts in strengthening India’s defense capabilities, modernizing infrastructure, and promoting indigenous industries. He highlighted achievements such as the construction of metro networks, expansion of medical facilities, and significant defense acquisitions like Rafale jets and BrahMos missiles.

Thakur also commended Modi’s emphasis on promoting India’s rich cultural heritage and scientific advancements, exemplified by initiatives like the development of religious sites, removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, and enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He stressed that Modi’s leadership has revitalized India’s sporting ecosystem, with extensive investments in sports infrastructure and training facilities to groom future Olympians.

In conclusion, Thakur asserted that Modi’s vision and leadership have propelled India onto the global stage, positioning it as a leading economic and strategic power. He expressed confidence that India, under Modi’s guidance, will continue to achieve new milestones and emerge as a beacon of progress and prosperity for the world.

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