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Incident of Teacher Reaching School Drunk Surfaces in Shobla Primary School, Mandi

An incident has come to light where a teacher reached the classroom under the influence of alcohol at the government primary school in Shobla, Siraj Vis Kshetra, Mandi district. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows the teacher sitting on a chair in the classroom while intoxicated, asking rural children about coming to school in an inebriated state. The students also confirm the teacher’s arrival at school while intoxicated. The villagers are demanding action against the teacher based on the viral video.

Meanwhile, the village head, Giriraj of Jainsala, has confirmed the teacher’s arrival at school under the influence of alcohol on Wednesday. He revealed that this teacher has reached the school intoxicated on multiple occasions. The school management committee has also proposed forgiveness for the teacher on several occasions, but the teacher continues to repeat the behavior without remorse. Central Head Teacher Moti Ram confirmed the incident, stating that the teacher had previously written an apology. However, he has again reached the school intoxicated. He informed that higher authorities have been informed about the matter.


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