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Historic Milestone: Locomotive Successfully Rolls from Danwar Station to THDCIL’s KSTPP Yard

Fueling the Future of Power Generation

In a landmark achievement, THDC India Limited (THDCIL) has reached a significant milestone in the commissioning of the 1320 MW Khurja Super Thermal Power Plant (STPP). The successful rolling of the locomotive on the Railway Siding from Danwar Station to THDC Plant Yard marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards operational readiness.

Under the dynamic leadership of Sh. R. K. Vishnoi, Chairman and Managing Director of THDCIL, the project has surpassed expectations with its rapid progress. The completion of railway siding works, land acquisition, and P-way activities in record time is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of Team Khurja.

Sh. Bhupender Gupta, Director (Technical) of THDC India Limited, joined virtually to celebrate this momentous occasion, emphasizing the importance of seamless coordination between all stakeholders. The close collaboration with the Prayagraj division of North Central Railway has ensured timely coal supply to meet the operational requirements of Unit-1.

This achievement not only signifies the efficiency of the thermal power plant but also underlines the commitment to a sustainable and uninterrupted energy supply. The locomotives will play a crucial role in maintaining an optimal coal inventory level, thereby preventing any disruptions in production schedules.

Sh. Shallinder Singh, Director (Personnel), expressed his pride in the exemplary performance of THDCIL officers at Khurja, highlighting their ability to set new benchmarks in the energy sector. The overwhelming response from the public at the wagon tippler area further underscores the significance of this achievement.

The event was graced by the presence of Sh. Kumar Sharad, Executive Director (Project), Sh. Vijay Kumar, Assistant General Manager (CHP & Railway Siding), Sh. Ombir Singh, Assistant General Manager (RITES), and senior officers from THDCIL, NTPC, RITES, and Indian Railways.

Sh. Vishnoi extended his gratitude to Indian Railways, RITES, ISC-CMIPL (JV), and all other partners for their unwavering support and cooperation. This momentous milestone not only propels THDCIL towards its goal of sustainable energy generation but also reinforces its position as a leader in the energy sector.

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