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Himachal Pradesh Women’s Congress Unites Against BJP’s Authoritarian Policies

The Pradesh Mahila Congress has declared its commitment to work unitedly in the upcoming elections to remove the ND government led by BJP from power, citing its authoritarian policies, decisions, rising inflation, and unemployment. They convened a meeting of Shimla district office bearers at the Rajiv Bhawan Congress office.

During the meeting, Jainab Chandel stated that BJP remains silent on the increased inflation in the country. She criticized BJP for not addressing the issue of rising LPG gas cylinder prices, which have soared to Rs. 1000, while they used to cost Rs. 350 during the tenure of the UPA government. She pointed out that escalating inflation affects homemakers the most, making it difficult for them to manage household expenses.

Chandel asserted that Pradesh Mahila Congress will actively participate in the election campaign to secure victory for the party on all four Lok Sabha seats in the state. She emphasized that all block-level Mahila Congress officials will be entrusted with crucial responsibilities in this regard. She highlighted the active involvement of women in all fields today and vowed to give a strong response to any negative propaganda against Congress by BJP.

Critiquing BJP’s malicious intentions to destabilize the Congress government, Chandel affirmed that the people of the state will give a fitting reply to BJP’s unethical tactics. She condemned BJP for imposing six assembly by-elections on the state, disrespecting the mandate of the people. She predicted a decisive defeat for BJP in these by-elections as well.

Chandel commended the Congress government for fulfilling its promises, such as the issuance of old-age pensions to employees. She noted that the government has also fulfilled its commitment to provide Rs. 1500 to women, which BJP obstructed by halting the process through the Election Commission. She accused BJP of being anti-women and anti-farmer, stating that their opposition to these measures clearly reveals their stance.

In conclusion, she stressed that women will carry forward the work done by Congress among the public and stand against BJP’s divisive policies.

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