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Himachal Pradesh University Ends Ph.D. Quota for School Lecturers

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Shimla, January 21: Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) has abolished the Ph.D. quota for school lecturers. This decision comes as a shock to school lecturers who aspired to pursue Ph.D. under this quota. According to a notification issued by the university administration, the quota for school lecturers for pursuing Ph.D. has been discontinued.

This decision was made in the executive council meeting of the university held last month. As per the decision, school lecturers will no longer have any reservation or quota for admission to Ph.D. programs in the university. Although one seat has been reserved for college and university lecturers in each department, the administration has eliminated the specific quota for school lecturers. Now, all Ph.D. students from the university are required to mark their attendance in their respective departments.

This move is expected to impact school lecturers who were relying on this quota to pursue higher education. The decision to discontinue the Ph.D. quota for school lecturers is part of the university’s efforts to streamline the admission process and ensure equal opportunities for all candidates.

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