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Himachal Pradesh Government is Anti-Employee: Suresh Kashyap

Suresh Kashyap, former Pradesh BJP President and MP, during his visit to the Kasauli constituency, criticized the current Congress government, labeling it as anti-employee. He highlighted the plight of vocational teachers who have not received salaries for three months, along with the ongoing issues faced by professional teachers deployed in schools for the past 11 years. Kashyap accused the government of failing to manage departmental financial schemes, leading to a surrender of approximately 1200 crore rupees despite budget provisions. He asserted that due to the Congress party’s financial mismanagement, development in Himachal Pradesh has been stalled, with no significant progress made in the past 15 months. Kashyap contrasted the current government’s approach with the BJP’s previous administration, which he claimed had propelled the state’s development forward. Additionally, he criticized the government for disrupting healthcare services, specifically mentioning the suspension of surgeries in several departments of IGMC due to outstanding dues, totaling over 70 crores, under the Himcare scheme. Kashyap accused the Congress government of obstructing the benefits of the Himcare scheme, which had previously been advantageous to the people of Himachal Pradesh, citing an outstanding due of over 300 crores under the Ayushman Bharat and Himcare schemes. He lamented the suffering of the people while the government remains indifferent.

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