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Himachal Pradesh Congress Secretary Directs Election Management Teams to Ensure Timely Communication

Shimla, April 28 – Harikrishna Himral, Vice President of the Pradesh Congress and Deputy Secretary of the Congress War Room, has instructed all officials of the war room to send all information related to fieldwork to the Pradesh Congress Headquarters at Rajiv Bhavan on time. He emphasized the importance of ensuring the availability of party campaign materials in all blocks and booths on time.

In a meeting held today, Himral stated that in addition to overseeing BJP’s negative campaigning or violations of the Model Code of Conduct in their respective blocks, any video clips or evidence should be promptly sent to the election war room established at the Pradesh Congress Headquarters for legal action.

Himral instructed the block officials to provide reports of discussions held in party meetings in their respective areas to make them available to the war room. He stressed that all officials of the war room should diligently fulfill their responsibilities in monitoring election campaigning for 24 hours until the polling day on June 1, with utmost dedication and honesty. He also assured that the top-performing officials of the war room will be honored by the organization.

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