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HFRI Shimla and Tri-Deva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Launch Botanical Development Campaign

Shimla, April 25

The Himalayan Forest Research Institute (HFRI) Shimla and Tri-Deva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Rohal have inaugurated a collaborative campaign for the development of medicinal plants and sweet forest flora with the School of Pharmacy and School of Allied and Healthcare Sciences of APG Shimla University. These plants, generously provided by HFRI Shimla, aim to enrich the biodiversity of the APG Shimla University campus and promote a green environment for education and well-being.

Leading figures in this cooperative effort include Dr. Pawan Rana, Scientist F at HFRI Shimla, and Mr. Kripal Singh, Chairman of Tri-Deva Ayurvedic Pharmacy Rohal, who have taken an important step together with the distinguished scholars of APG Shimla University. The inauguration was attended by Mr. B.S. Chauhan, Tushar Langoliya, Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Ramesh Chauhan, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rajinder Singh Chauhan, and Dr. Maninder Kaur, Chief Scientist of APG Shimla University.

Mr. Suman Vikrant, Chancellor, expressed his enthusiastic views on the inauguration program, stating, “This cooperative effort aligns with the ideals of APG Shimla University, which are committed to environmental sustainability and holistic education. By incorporating such practical projects into our curriculum, we make our students environmentally conscious individuals who contribute positively to society.”

Dr. Rajinder Singh Chauhan said, “Medicinal plants not only enrich the biodiversity of our university but also provide valuable educational opportunities for our students. We believe that initiatives like these are beneficial not only for our students but also for the larger community and ecological system.”

This significant initiative assures students of opportunities to earn part-time income by working on this project, benefiting both their department and the university. It pledges a commitment to a green, healthy future for the generations to come.

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