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Government increases diet allowances for sportspersons: Chief Minister

SHIMLA 9th June, 2024

• Enhanced travel provisions for athletes

Following a significant increase in prize money for medal winners in various international championships the State Government has now increased diet allowances and upgraded travel provisions for the state’s sportspersons. This was stated by Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu here today.
He said that the diet allowances for athletes have been substantially increased across various levels of competition. For state-level events, the diet money has been increased from Rs. 240 to Rs. 400, while for district-level events, it stands at Rs. 300, and Rs. 240 for block-level events within the state. Athletes participating in events outside the state would now get Rs. 500 as diet money. Apart from this for athletes residing in sports hostels would now receive Rs. 250 up to the elementary education level and Rs. 400 for others.
The Chief Minister said that the State Government has also enhanced travel provisions for athletes participating in sports events outside the state. He said that athletes traveling up to a distance of 200 kilometers would now be provided with AC-3 Tier train fare, while those traveling more than 200 kilometers would be eligible for economy class airfare.
He said that these measures underscore the State Government’s commitment to support and encourage the athletes of the State. He said that by improving the training conditions and participation incentives, the Government aim to nurture the skills of sportspersons of the state which would foster excellence in their respective sports.

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