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Former CM Jayaram Thakur’s Entry into BJP Orchestrated to Disgrace Dhoomal Family: Congress MLA Chandrashekhar

Congress MLA Chandrashekhar has accused former Chief Minister Jayaram Thakur of orchestrating Rajendra Rana’s entry into the BJP to discredit the Dhoomal family. He highlighted that in the 2017 assembly elections, Rajendra Rana contested against the Congress symbol and defeated BJP’s chief ministerial candidate, Prem Kumar Dhumal. Despite BJP’s majority win, Dhumal failed to secure the chief ministerial position. Chandrashekhar further stated that Jayaram Thakur, during his tenure as chief minister, neglected Dhumal’s contributions and prioritized Rana’s work instead.

Chandrashekhar emphasized that even though Rajendra Rana and the Dhoomal family have public connections, Jayaram Thakur has disrespected the Dhoomal family’s dignity. He noted that Jayaram Thakur had not visited Dhumal’s residence in the past six years but suddenly remembered them before the by-elections. He pointed out that despite being a disciple of Dhumal, Rana has continuously undermined him politically. Chandrashekhar predicted that Rana’s inclusion in the BJP would not sway the wise people of Hamirpur, and Rana’s defeat in the by-elections was inevitable.

Furthermore, Chandrashekhar expressed confidence that the Congress party would sweep the by-elections on all six seats, signaling a victory for ethical politics over opportunistic maneuvers. He asserted that the people’s power would put an end to BJP’s financial politics in the state.

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