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Felicitation Programme organized at Raj Bhavan on Foundation day of Sikkim


Shimla, May 16 – A felicitation programme was organized at the Raj Bhavan today on the occasion of the foundation day of Sikkim State. Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla invited the people of Sikkim living in Himachal to the Raj Bhavan to celebrate this Day.

On this occasion, the people of Sikkim living in Himachal Pradesh discussed the cultural heritage and high traditions with the Governor.  The Governor honoured the guests by presenting a Himachali cap, shawl and a plant.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Shukla said that one of the most remarkable aspects of Sikkim is its unique blend of different cultures and traditions. The state is home to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and despite these distinct cultural identities, Sikkimese people have fostered a spirit of unity and harmony, living together in peace and mutual respect, he added. He said that this unity has been a key factor in Sikkim’s progress and development over the years. He stated that this brotherhood is very important in the prosperity of the country.

Shri Shukla said, “The border of Nathula is the border of India’s pride.  The monasteries here reflect Indian culture. The Chardham situated on the Solophok hill in Sikkim is a replica of the major pilgrimage sites of India assembled at one place, which is a major center of faith and attraction”. He said that the state of Sikkim has emerged as a State of organic farming and has set up an example in the country.  Sikkim is the first state in the country to adopt organic farming completely.

The Governor added that every year, the entire State celebrates its Statehood Day with pride.  He said that every state of the country has its own distinct language and diverse culture. Despite such diversity, the country is bound in one thread, he added.

Secretary to the Governor, Rajesh Sharma welcomed the guests.

On this occasion, the people of the state of Sikkim also expressed their views and apprised about the rich culture of the state.

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